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Holiday-Free Coating for Bolted Tanks

Discover the Weston Difference with the Weston NanoCoat for bolted tanks: a holiday-free coating that ensures superior durability and reduced maintenance.

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Celebrating a "Holiday-Free" Future with The Weston NanoCoat™
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What does "holiday" mean when it comes to bolted tanks? In bolted tanks, a "holiday" is a small area where the coating is missed or too thin, exposing the metal to potential corrosion and deterioration. These defects can compromise the tank's integrity and lead to costly repairs. Proper application and quality control are essential to prevent holidays and ensure the tank's durability.


A “Holiday-Free” Coating for bolted tanks

At Weston & Associates LLC, we specialize in providing cutting-edge solutions to enhance the longevity and efficiency of bolted tanks. Our Weston NanoCoat (WNC) is a standout, offering a holiday-free coating that ensures optimal protection against corrosion and environmental damage.

Challenges with Traditional Coating Systems: Traditional coatings, including galvanized steel finishes (GSF) and powder coat systems, often struggle to achieve a uniform coat across all surfaces of bolted tanks. These irregularities can lead to “holidays” — small, missed, or thinly coated areas vulnerable to corrosion. Such defects necessitate frequent over-coating, which increases maintenance costs and operational downtime.

Introducing the Holiday-Free Weston NanoCoat (WNC): The Weston NanoCoat system is revolutionizing bolted tank protection with its advanced application process and rigorous quality control measures, ensuring a holiday-free coating. Here’s why WNC offers superior advantages:

  1. Advanced Application Process: Our innovative technique ensures complete and even coverage, dramatically reducing the chances of holidays. This consistent coating adheres seamlessly to the metal substrate, providing unparalleled protection for bolted tanks.

  2. Rapid Curing Time: Unlike traditional coatings, WNC cures in just 2 hours, significantly minimizing exposure to environmental contaminants that could affect the coating’s integrity.

  3. Stringent Quality Control: Each phase of the WNC application is closely monitored to ensure every coated surface meets our high standards, effectively eliminating holidays and extending the lifespan of your tanks.

  4. Long-Term Durability and Protection: WNC’s robust formulation offers extended durability and superior resistance to environmental factors and chemical exposures, enhancing the structural integrity of bolted tanks and reducing the need for future maintenance.

Weston NanoCoat’s Promise: Choosing WNC means investing in a reliable, efficient, and truly holiday-free coating system. Experience the benefits of enhanced durability and reduced maintenance costs with Weston NanoCoat. Reach out to Weston & Associates LLC today to learn how our holiday-free coating can transform your storage solutions and safeguard your investments.

Secure your investment today! Contact Us to learn more about our holiday-free Weston NanoCoat™ and ensure your bolted tanks are protected with the best in the industry.


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