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About Us

We believe in a simple theory that has proven itself time and time again.
In order for our company to succeed, your tank has too.


It's simple, we do what we do best – Tanks. Domes. Liners.

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What Makes Us Different?

Value & Innovation are the
core of our business.

With a combined 145 years under our belt we’ve seen our fair share of changes in the industry, from the products to the services. That experience combined with our commitment and personal connection to every project have allowed us to build a company around our original core values.

Integrity, Quality, Commitment, & Innovation are more than ideals we work toward, they are values we live by.

  • Value, Quality, & Commitment from day one
  • Protect your investment in stored materials
  • Reduce your MRO expenses by increasing life of storage solutions
  • Protect you and the environment from potentially hazardous leaks/spills

Explore Our Great History!!

we believe innovation is the lifeblood of our business.

We have never outgrown, nor forgotten, our original core values. Those values determine the way we work, the quality we offer, and the unsurpassed treatment you get as a customer.

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Perfect Solutions That Your Business Demands

Weston & Associates prides itself on our mechanical, structural and civil engineers. Our engineers can design with any phase, a structure based on any engineered specification on the market today.

The people that make up Weston & Associates

Our Team of Experts

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Andrew Feucht


Ronald Feucht profile image
Ronald Feucht

Vice President of Construction

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Sue Arthur

CFO & Controller

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Nathan Blackwood

Chief Operating Officer

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Dave Schumacher

Project Specialtist

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Justin Bergener

Regional Sales Manager

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John Eaves

Regional Sales Manager

David Mann profile image
David Mann

Southern Sales Associate

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Tyler Mercado

Regional Sales Manager

D. Parker Chapman profile image
D. Parker Chapman

Regional Sales Manager