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Mar 30, 2023
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By: ed heltzel

What is a Bolted Tank?

So what is a bolted tank?

A bolted tank is a vertical cylinder storing liquid and dry bulk materials. Its “rolled, tapered panel” (RTP) construction utilizes high tolerance manufacturing, lap joint panel connections, and gasket and sealant to maintain leak-free connections. The cylinder is formed by connecting multiple courses of panels, each comprising a “ring.” Horizontal seams are sealed with a single row of bolts, while multiple rows are used for vertical seams based on load requirements. Bolted tanks come in diameters ranging from 12’-300’ for liquid storage and 12’-48’ for dry bulk hopper storage. Roofing systems are commonly used, such as aluminum geodesic domes with bolted steel or concrete tank bottom for liquid applications. A bolted steel hopper is used for reliable flow and discharge requirements for dry bulk storage.

Examples of RTP and bolted tanks

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