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Dec 27, 2021
Company News
By: andy feucht

Joe Dehoff Join's the Team!

Weston & Associates continues to expand!

Joe Dehoff started today as our new Membrane Welding Lead for our Sur-Seal Liners™ division.

In this role, Joe will bring over 20 years of membrane welding experience to to lead the Sur-Seal Liners™ division by expanding our capabilities and will prove to provide our clients with the No. 1 lining solution worldwide.

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Andrew Feucht

Starting at the age of 7 with his father, Ronald Feucht, Andrew has worked in every position in the tank construction industry. With 23+ yars of experience with tank construction, Andrew helped facilitate the success of FSRC Tanks for seven years and is recognized as one of the industry's most experienced young professionals.