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Mar 2, 2023
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By: ed heltzel

Introducing the Weston CeramaCoat – an NSF 61 approved coating


We’re proud to announce the release of our NSF 61 approved coating, the Weston CeramaCoat (WCC). The WCC is a ceramic epoxy coating that is cost-equivalent to traditional coating systems but with added benefits that save money and time.

What is the WCC system?

Ceramic epoxy technology is a unique pigment package added to our epoxy coatings to impart beneficial properties. The ceramic pigment consists of hollow ceramic spheres of various sizes that are not permeable to moisture vapor. Therefore, any moisture vapor that travels through the coating must take a circuitous route around the spheres and through the epoxy resin, making the coating perform more like a thicker film.

The WCC is the most effective coating on the market for the mitigation of undercutting corrosion. It is precisely engineered to lower the coating’s cohesion below that of its adhesion to the steel. This means that when a small area of corrosion develops and begins to swell, the coating will shatter in that one location without peeling back to expose new steel and allow the corrosion cell to grow.

The ceramic sphere pigments are also slightly alkaline, creating a less hospitable environment for organic growth on the coating surface. In water and wastewater services, this will have beneficial results for the life of the coating and the structure it protects.

The hollow nature of ceramic spheres means that the weight per gallon of our WCC products is lower than that of traditional epoxy technology. Moreover, the WCC can be applied at high film thickness without plural spray equipment. This allows standard single-leg airless spray to achieve higher film builds in a single coat, saving time and labor costs.

We are proud to offer this innovative solution to our customers and help them save time and money while providing outstanding protection.


What Is A Ceramic Epoxy Coating System?

A quick and simple answer to “What Is A Ceramic Epoxy Coating System?” – A ceramic epoxy coating system is a type of coating that is made by combining a ceramic material with an epoxy resin. This coating system provides a high-performance finish that is extremely durable and resistant to damage from chemicals, abrasion, and impact. Ceramic epoxy coatings can be used on a variety of surfaces, including metal, concrete, and wood, and are often used in industrial and commercial settings where high levels of durability and protection are required. The ceramic component of the coating provides additional hardness and wear resistance, while the epoxy resin component provides excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance. Overall, a ceramic epoxy coating system is an excellent choice for applications where long-lasting protection and durability are essential.

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