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Jun 19, 2024

Seeking Senior Project Manager

Weston and Associates LLC, is a leader in engineering, procuring, & constructing the world’s largest liquid & dry bulk storage systems. Additionally, we also specialize in metal fabrication and manufacturing, custom specialty products. Our team strives on providing our customers with top-quality products and services.

At this time we are seeking an experienced Senior Project Manager that will report directly to the VP of Construction, CEO, and COO.

We are looking for an experienced Construction Project Manager to plan and supervise a wide range of construction projects from start to finish. You will organize and oversee construction procedures and ensure they are completed in a timely and efficient manner.

An excellent Construction Project Manager must be well-versed in all construction methodologies and procedures and able to coordinate a team of professionals of different disciplines to achieve the best results. The ideal candidate will have an analytical mind and great organizational skills.

The goal will be to ensure all projects are delivered on time according to requirements and without exceeding budget.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Construction Management, or Engineering related field is ideal OR 5 - 10 years of related experience.
  • Engineering experience of at least 10 years or more with five (5) years in a Lead role on projects valued at $50 million or larger with focus on Civil/Site Preparation experienced in construction/project management.
  • Extensive knowledge and interface with other Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the Site, Civil, and Area Development specifically related to:
  • Geotechnical Engineering– topography, earth materials, soil mechanics and rock mechanics. Knowledge of sampling/test requirements.
  • Municipal Engineering – minor utility relocation
  • Wastewater Management – well drilling, treatment, storage, pumping, transfer piping
  • Storm/Wastewater Management – collection and retention, EPA permitting and design
  • GIS Integration and Mapping, Waste Management, Water Resources
  • ETC
  • Prior working experience in a wide variety of site/area development projects and site/civil infrastructure/concrete projects, and site plumbing (potable water and sanitary sewer).
  • Deploy a strategic mindset – take a broad, global perspective when considering proactive solutions to long-term opportunities and risks that might develop in the future.
  • Understand and act on industry trends, local market and economic conditions and our business model to make decisions and create competitive advantage.
  • Experience in the utility electricity distribution field desirable.
  • Strong General computing skills.
  • Strong Proficiency in Excel, MS Word, MS Project, PowerPoint, Adobe (editing tools) and AutoCAD (Site and Building). Provide when schedules or reports as requested.
  • Drone and Aerial Surveying, use of Drone Mapping Software a plus.

Personal Attributes:

  • High levels of initiative, self-direction, and attention to detail
  • Ability to work in a close team environment
  • Ability to motivate Contractor with solid communication skills and contract knowledge to accomplish Owner and project goals
  • Ability to direct the troubleshooting and resolution of highly complex or unusual construction problems
  • Capable of planning and organizing internal and external resources
  • Problem analysis
  • Willingness to take on responsibilities with a commitment to perform
  • Flexibility
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision-making
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Applicants must be eligible to work (work permit/visa/citizenship) in the country to which they are applying.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Work under the guidance of the Director for Construction and Facilities throughout the construction process to ensure project scope requirements are met and the facilities are fully ready for operations at project operational date.
  • Provide management, oversight, and input on issues related to design, construction, client relations, and/or project management and delivery.
  • Qualify contractors, prepare RFP’s, level bids, and participate in procurement process. Provide support and/or lead construction contract negotiations.
  • Administer contracts issued to consultant, architect, engineer, contractor, commissioning agent, Third party testing firm, and structured cabling contractor.
  • Collaborates with architect, engineer, attorney, and other pertinent stakeholders to ensure specifications, zoning requirements, and other regulations are met. Ensure required permits and licenses obtained; executes construction contracts according to terms of agreement.
  • Write and review procedures, reports, specifications to support the support the project(s).
  • Supporting role for other aspects of the project including electrical and mechanical infrastructure design, construction, and commissioning from project inception.
  • Participate in all project-related meetings with architects, vendors, mechanical and electrical engineers, construction management personnel, etc. Attend and be a Leader during project meetings.
  • Ensure Contractor and subcontractors adhere to design, procurement, and manufacturing schedules and deadlines per construction agreements/contract.
  • Manage project delivery timeline, including site possession dates, permitting, construction commencement and completion, project delivery and target customer go-live dates. Oversee project scheduling, bidding, capital expenses and purchase order and payment processes.
  • Prioritize Owner’s site representation daily to document construction activities, issues, and material deliveries. Prioritize Owner site representative’s activities/inspections to monitor contractor QA/QC processes and overall quality. Oversee performance of project including, project status, QA/QC, schedule, cost control, change management process.
  • Monitor daily construction activities at the project site including scheduling of work and delivery of equipment and materials. Regularly inspects work for quality and timeliness; prepares and provides progress reports to owners; makes recommendations for necessary modifications. Monitor construction and report on work progress, budget status, and schedule status on regular basis to local and corporate management in verbal and report form.
  • Anticipates, as far in advance as practicable, issues requiring owner input to ensure project tracks with planned schedule and budget.
  • Review all commissioning, quality assurance, and quality control work/reporting done by contractor. Coordinate internal/external engineering support as needed.
  • Coordinate ordering, tracking, and quality of materials and equipment.
  • Coordinate all project related communications, updates, adjustments, and tracking documentation.
  • Engage and coordinate with internal business partners for successful completion of project.
  • Work with local team to facilitate field visits and document and review in anticipation of project substantial completion and operational date. Ensure completion and turnover of all close out documentation.
  • Provide weekly reporting to Company or designated Company executive. Provide ongoing communications reporting for any ongoing issues and progress. At a minimum, shall provide the following written communications:
  • Weekly in person meetings or phone calls will be conducted with contractors. Assess and report on their progress and to seek additional opportunities for improvement. Notes for these meetings will be produced by this person and others.
  • Weekly in person meetings or phone calls will be conducted to apprise leadership of Contractor progress and to coordinate any interfaces required.
  • Shall provide any additional documentation as requested throughout the project.
  • Review and track all MOPs required for the duration of the project.
  • Provide initial evaluation of all Contractor payment applications to ensure accuracy relative to actual project construction status.
  • Assist in cash flow forecasting and processing of payment requests.
  • Represent the owner in contract/payment discussions with Contractor.
  • Compile formal presentation materials and conduct ad hoc meetings with Company representatives to convey progress and to project next steps. Represent owner and coordinate site tours as needed for investors, utility representatives, etc.
  • Collaborates with other staff to create preconstruction estimates and budgets for materials and labor.
  • Ensure processes and policies are consistent with corporate guidelines and best in class industry practices
  • Addresses any safety violations or other deficiencies.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.
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