Weston & Associates Signs Exclusive Sales Agreement with AST Storage

Weston & Associates Signs Exclusive Sales Agreement with AST Storage to Mutually Grow Tank Market Share in North America and Abroad

Effective immediately, Weston and its affiliated sales representatives are the exclusive sellers of all AST Storage custom-manufactured products.

Weston & Associates LLC, a specialty consultant for both the liquid and dry bulk storage tank industry, has formed a strategic partnership with tank manufacturer AST Storage. The agreement reinforces Weston’s position as a one-stop solutions provider for the liquid and dry storage tank industry, and accelerates AST’s market penetration in powder coated epoxy bolted storage tanks. “These two family businesses are coming together to deliver high-quality, completely integrated storage solutions that help tank customers protect their investments, protect the environment, and reduce their overall cost of ownership,” says Andy Feucht, president – Weston & Associates. “Together we can offer the complete package of development, engineering, manufacturing, construction and project commissioning at direct manufacturing prices.”

AST Storage tanks are recognized in the industry for powder-on-powder epoxy coatings that maximize tank durability and life. The company also created a unique flat-panel construction approach and utilizes oversized coverage sidewall sheets compared to industry standards, resulting in efficiencies that create cost savings for customers. Through the sales partnership, AST Storage tanks and silos are now complemented by a growing line of Specialty Products by Weston, also sold by Weston and Associates. Specialty Products solutions include Sur-Seal Liners and covers, Enviro-box storage container systems, and tank pipe and accessories. Through Weston, these complementary lines are easily acquired together.

“We are excited to join forces with a company with the same ideas and same vision and focus on customer service, says Darrel Robertson, owners and chief operating officer – AST Storage. “This allows AST Storage the opportunity to continue to focus on ways to improve the storage tank industry, and allows Weston and Associates to continue to grow both of our businesses.”

All AST Storage and Specialty Products by Weston are available in North America and internationally. Sales inquiries and quote requests for AST Storage products should now be directed to a Weston sales representative or hello@westonacllc.com.

About Weston & Associates

Weston & Associates is a specialty consultant for both the liquid and dry bulk storage tank industry, offering comprehensive management solutions from preliminary development, project engineering, procurement, total project construction services, project commissioning and facility servicing. Based in Navarre, Ohio, Weston’s growing team currently services customers based in the U.S., and has traveled as far as Africa and South America to install bulk storage solutions on behalf of clients.

The company markets and sells Specialty Products by Weston, a manufacturer of integrated industrial bulk storage solutions including customized Sur-Seal liners and covers, Enviro-box storage container systems, and tank pipe and accessories.

About AST Storage

AST Storage LLC, manufactures powder coated epoxy bolted storage tanks for potable water, wastewater, fire suppression and protection water, as well as all types of dry bulk storage. Based in Jay, Oklahoma, AST has more than 35 years of experience designing and producing custom tanks and silos with industry-leading structural integrity, loading capacities and seismic standards.

The company’s strong legacy of innovation has resulted in several industry firsts, including the first straight-seam tanks to feature hoppers for dry storage, and the first skirted tanks with large openings for truck drive-thru which provided the capability to utilize jacks for erection. AST Storage was also first in the industry to manufacture and powder coat tanks in the same facility, the first to utilize half-inch steel plate in AWWA designs, and the first to provide clear span steel roofs up to 55 ft. For more information, visit https://aststorage.com/tanks.

Weston & Associates has entered an agreement to become the exclusive seller of AST Storage powder coated epoxy bolted storage tanks. Pictured (left to right):
Ron Feucht, vice president – construction – Weston; Andrew Feucht, president – Weston; David Talenda, CFO – Weston; Darrel Robertson, owner and COO – AST Storage; and Jake Sumter, head of manufacturing – AST Storage.

Andrew Feucht profile pictureAndrew Feucht profile picture
Andrew Feucht

Starting at the age of 7 with his father, Ronald Feucht, Andrew has worked every position inside of the tank construction industry. With 23+ years experience with tank construction, Andrew helped facilitate the success of FSRC Tanks for seven years and is reconized as one of the industry's most experienced young professionals.