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May 31, 2023
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By: ed heltzel

Andy Feucht Wins Stark County 20 Under 40 Award!

Introducing Andrew Weston Feucht: A Dynamic Leader Shaping Stark County’s Future

We are thrilled to shine the spotlight on Andrew Weston Feucht, the exceptional owner and president of Weston and Associates LLC. With an impressive career spanning over 35 years, Andrew has established himself as a visionary entrepreneur and a dedicated advocate for the Stark County community. His unwavering commitment to excellence and his passion for making a positive impact have earned him well-deserved recognition throughout the region.

Andrew’s professional achievements are a testament to his business acumen and leadership prowess. Notable accolades include being awarded Business of the Year by Lockheed Martin Energy Group in 2020 and receiving the esteemed Emerge Award for Entrepreneurs from the Canton Chamber of Commerce in 2015. These honors reflect his outstanding contributions to the business landscape and his unwavering commitment to driving innovation and success.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Andrew’s personal involvement in the Stark County community is truly inspiring. As an active member of the Canton Chamber of Commerce and the Massillon Development Board, he demonstrates his dedication to fostering economic growth and creating opportunities for local businesses and aspiring professionals.

One of Andrew’s notable community initiatives is his involvement in the “Guys with Ties” program, where he passionately shares his knowledge and experiences with young students. By speaking on topics such as integrity, honesty, and perseverance, he aims to inspire and guide the next generation toward success.

In addition to his community endeavors, Andrew’s commitment to family and work-life balance is evident. As a dedicated father, he coaches his 4-year-old in Jackson’s T-ball league, cherishing quality time with his loved ones.

Andrew’s vision for the future revolves around building a strong and prosperous community. His focus on employee development, community growth, and innovation sets Weston and Associates apart as a leading force in the industry. By encouraging a culture of excellence and cultivating an environment that fosters innovation, he ensures that the company remains at the forefront of cutting-edge solutions for the bulk liquid and dry bulk storage industry.

Andrew Weston Feucht’s remarkable achievements, both professionally and personally, exemplify his unwavering dedication to making a lasting impact on Stark County. Through his leadership, Weston and Associates continues to redefine industry standards and contribute to the growth and success of the community.

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